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                                             Merci !                                                                                     Thank You !

Nous sommes ravis qu'au-délà de 8000 personnes ont bravé le froid pour vivre l'expérience de L'Aventure du canoë volant! Un énorme merci à nos nombreux partenaires communautaires et bénévoles - ensemble, nous avons créé quelque chose de magique.

We are very happy that over 8 000 people braved the cold to experience The Flying Canoe Adventure. Thank you so much to our community partners and volunteers - together, we made great things happen.

                          Au plaisir de vous voir l'année prochaine!                     See you again next year!


 THE FLYING CANOE ADVENTURE/ L'aventure du canoë volant

La Cité en Lumières presents The Flying Canoe Adventure is a unique, nighttime, outdoor winter event. We invite you to discover the legend of La Chasse-galerie (The Flying Canoe), a combination of French-Canadian and First-Nation legends told by various lost canoeists along a lit trail in the Mill Creek Ravine. Horse-drawn wagons offer rides from the ravine to Rutherford School. There are fun 'winter rodeo' activities in the school yard and visit the Café Croissant at the School. Across the street, is The City of Light / La Cité en Lumières (La Cité Francophone, 8627 91 Street) where there are three live music performances a night, an outdoor patio, a snow slide and children's activities. A fun time for all!


Friday, February 7 & Saturday, February 8, 2014 

There are a number of positions still available - Parking attendant, Crossing guard, Sleigh ride attendant, Snow slide attendant, Fire tender, Information/Hospitality/ Security and Friends of the festival.

The shifts range from 3 hours to 6.5 hours. Volunteer for one night or both! 

If you like community events, being outdoors and meeting fun and interesting people - sign up!It is great if you speak French but if not - don't worry about it - chances are you will pick some up at this event.

You will get to be involved with fresh, winter festival, a COOL handmade signature red toque and tasty refreshments during the event.

Please email your interest to Shannon Brennan or Mireille Moquin at    


The story of the Flying Canoe can be traced back to a French legend about a rich nobleman named Gallery who loved to hunt. He loved it so much that he refused to attend Sunday mass. As punishment for this sin he was condemned to fly forever through the night skies, chased by galloping horses and howling wolves, in a fashion reminiscent of the Wild Hunt. 

When French settlers arrived in Canada, they swapped stories with the natives and the tale of Gallery was combined with and First Nation legend about a flying canoe.

The Grand Rapids of Mill Creek ravine

Upon entering the Mill Creek ravine’s major access points, you will be greeted by a group of lost voyageurs wandering aimlessly in their canoes. They will give you an indication of the upcoming journey and provide you with some warning of what might be waiting for you ahead. “Gallery” the hunter himself as well as the lost voyageurs will enchant the evening forest. 

You will meet lost voyageurs along the illuminated trails that lead you to the Métis Base Camp where Dave Cunningham and company play Métis jigs/reels and you can make bannock over the open fires.You then continue your journey upward out of the ravine to the City of Light (La Cité Francophone) where there is light, music and good times!


    Friday, February 7th &       Saturday, February 8th    

Mill Creek ravine    6 pm - 10 pm

La Cité Francophone       6 pm - 12 am   


Lighting Installations in Mill Creek ravine   

Artist - Dylan Toymaker

                      New this year!                        

MacEwan University - Fine Arts Department

            - Student Light Installations -

Cultural Programming in Mill Creek ravine

            Legend of La chasse-galerie                                 (The Flying Canoe)                                     - actors along the trails -                 

Métis Base Camp

Cunningham Band - jigs/reels

Bannock making

Trapper's Cabin

Roger Dallaire - Storytelling 


  Native Counselling Services of Alberta

                     Drumming & Conversation                         with Tea & Bannock  

         Horse-drawn wagon rides                    Mill Creek ravine to Rutherford School

Illumination of Rutherford School

Café Croissant

The students of Rutherford School serve event refreshments

Fédération du sport francophone de l'Alberta (FSFA)

'Flying Canoe Olympics'

Live Music Performances @ La Cité

Friday, February 7 

                       Robert Walsh                            7 pm - 8:15 pm

                       Daniel Gervais                        8:45 pm - 10 pm

                  Magilla Funk Conduit                10:30 pm - 12 am

Saturday, February 8

                  Cadence & Nathan                        7 pm - 8:15 pm

                           Rigadon                                                 8:45 pm - 10 pm                                           

           Audrey Ochoa and The Crashers        10:30 pm - 12 am


La Cité Francophone (8627 91 Street)

École Maurice-Lavallée (8828 95 Street)

Mill Creek Pool (9555 84 Avenue)

La Cité Francophone
8627 rue Marie-Anne-Gaboury (91 Street)
Edmonton, Alberta T6C 3N1


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Native Counselling Services of Alberta 


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